Autumn in the San Gabriel Mountains

This drawing is inspired by a walk near the Arroyo Seco in October, where it just a small mountain stream in the San Gabriel Mountains, one of the headwaters of the Los Angeles River. Life teems in Southern California's ecosystems every time of year.


Margaret Gallagher is an artist, illustrator, and curator based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. Her detailed ink-and-watercolor illustrations highlight the intimate beauty of Southern California's native ecosystems. Long, quiet walks in LA's often-overlooked wild spaces - Griffith Park, the LA River, the San Gabriel and Santa Monica Mountains - provide inspiration for her drawings, which depict the hidden worlds of plants, animals, fungi, and invertebrates that subtly teem in the spaces around us. Scientifically accurate yet full of whimsy, the drawings are full of details that invite the viewer to linger, studying the creatures inhabiting each drawing. Margaret’s artwork invites fellow city-dwellers to recognize themselves as part of these interconnected webs of being.