Recap of CALeDNA LA River workshop

Posted on August 19, 2019

On August 8, 2019 we held a workshop at UCLA to present the results from our June pilot bioblitz. The goal of the workshop was to  figure out a way to implement a year-long eDNA biodiversity monitoring program along the LA River.

Over twenty people representing twelve different organizations attended.

  1. City of Los Angeles
  2. Council for Watershed Health
  3. CSU Los Angeles
  4. Heal the Bay
  5. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  6. LA Waterkeeper
  7. The Nature Conservancy
  8. North Hollywood High School Zoo Magnet Center
  9. The River Project
  10. SCCWRP
  11. State Water Resources Control Board
  12. UCLA

It was really neat to take part in discussions about the results of the pilot bioblitzes, the latest advancements in eDNA research, adding eDNA to existing programs along the LA River, and giving high schools students access to some of this work. We even gave away some pretty artwork done by LA artist Rachid Bouhamidi.

The next step is to take the various ideas discussed at the workshop, and create a monitoring plan  that we can submit to various funders.

Here are some resources from the workshop.

Bioblitz results presentation

Colloborative meeting notes 

Use Of Museum Material To Reconstruct The Extirpated Fauna Of The Los Angeles Basin