Round Two of Sampling Wraps up in Record Time

Posted on November 30, 2020

Practice makes perfect, and the timestamps prove it! River collaborators helped us finish our second round of sampling in less than half the time it took for our first round! This second round of sampling includes sediment and water samples from a chilly end of fall right before any major rainfall fills the river. Collecting eDNA samples at different timepoints allows researchers to better understand how biodiversity changes in the river and see how seasons impact what can be detected at each site.

The Sepulveda Dam (pictured above) is adjacent to the Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve. The dam has just enough water for pelicans, mallards, and buffleheads to swim in search of a quick bite to eat. This site is a common place for birdwatchers to check off new life birds during the summer and fall, but it is not recommended to stop by in the wet rainy season due to flooding.