Why Protect Biodiversity?

From a biological perspective

Apart from an inherent obligation to live as harmoniously as possible with other organisms on this planet, humans also gain many economic and social advantages from biodiversity.

These benefits, also called Ecosystem Services, include

Healthy, diverse communities are essential to maintaining a healthy ecosystem and it is difficult to predict how the loss of any one particular species will affect an ecosystems ability to function. Ultimately, as species are lost from a habitat, the stability of the ecosystem declines until it can no longer function. By protecting biodiversity, we maintain a resilient environment that allows us to be happy, protected and prosperous.

From a civic perspective 

On May 10, 2017, Los Angeles City Council adopted a Biodiversity Motion.

The City of Los Angeles lies within the California Floristic Province, which is globally recognized as one of thirty-five biodiversity hotspots on the planet and the only hotspot in the Continental United States. The City is home to a number of threatened and rare species and provides habitat for a wide range of native vegetation and wildlife.

Access to natural landscapes which support local biodiversity contributes to quality of life, educational opportunities, restorative recreational activities, economic growth, and City character. Biodiverse landscapes provide benefits to residents such as increased productivity, fewer sick days, greater sense of place and community, and a shared sense of history.

From a community perspective 

"I remember hearing frogs along the river when I was growing up. I don't hear frogs anymore." 

"When I'm stressed, I relax by taking a walk along the river."